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80% of our turnover is with hotels and our experience with hotels has made us a specialist the secteur, as is apparent from our client list.

We have experience teaching people working throughout the hotel: back of house : Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Management, and front of house uniformed staff.


Seneca’s Specific modules that address professional vocabulary and polite expressions: Housekeeping, Spa, Conciergerie (Loge) Restauration, Standardiste,

Intensive course

Though we have modules, we adapt to the hotels needs, service standards, and objectives of the students.

We conduct 1, 2 and 3 week intra-enterprise intensive courses for our métier modules. These courses are done throughout the year but especially during the off season: September/October/November and January/February/March.


And we have a partnership with the Academy Franco-Britanique for Certificate in English for Hotelerie: BEST.


Human Resources Director

DRH of a French hotel that was bought by an American company. Her English was limited but henceforth all her meetings and communication would be in English — conference calls, reports, and evaluations.


Attended Sciences Po and law school, and though he had an extensive vocabulary, written and spoken, could not fluidly make sentences. We worked to make sure that the words on paper could pass through her eyes and fingers, but also eyes and mouth.

HRD Assistant

Assistante DRH was competent in her English but to one day become DRH, she needed English to deal with problems as the weekend duty manager.


Receptionist knew her job well, but needed to act more often like a concierge and make small talk and do hotel “upselling” during the accompaniment to the room.

Head waiter

Could competently take orders and explain dishes but not make small talk and put guests at ease

Porter / doorman

Porter / doorman at a small hotel who had limited opportunity to speak with guests but wanted to be come a concierge. (After 5 years of guided work, he represented France in the European Clé d’Or competition in Berlin.)


Concierge mastered English but needed the basics of Russian and Arabic to greet guests in their own language and resolve small issues.


Chef of a 2 star restaurant: he was limited because he couldn’t visit the salle and speak with guests because he was embarrassed in front of the other employees. Needed to speak to journalists and VIP guests planning events and menus.


After 35 years on the job, a housekeeper we started working with knew only a few words in English, but we helped her master basic scenarios and vocabulary so that she didn’t have to call the Gouvernante every time there was an issue with a guest.